Promote your Badge
Show everyone your AusWaThai Badges:- 
Make sure you know which AusWaThai tagg is right for you (see the home page)
once you have tagged us, find our picture badge in your friends list. to do this go to your home page and find the section that looks like the sample to the left. Now click on the link to "view all friends"
Now, go to the "A" list to see the AusWaThai Badge (picture).
Move the cursor over our Picture and you will see special symbols appear (example shown in this picture)
click on our Icon #1 to make this picture (badge) a "top friend" then we will appear on your 1st page of friends.
Now everyone will see you are connected with AusWaThai

Promote your Family

1. on your Tagged page add a "New Box" 
2. Add detail about your AusWaThai connection
    Host - say a few words about how you can help host people
    Ambassador  - what is your knowledge for Culture
    Traveller  - where have you been and when
3. Now drag the "New box" (click and hold on the title bar of the new box) to the top of your page.
Now when someone sees your page they will see your AusWaThai badges and some detail about your connection, Cool!
in Tagged add "Journal entry"   or   Join 
AusWaThai Forum and
       write storey about about where you live, where it is in your Country, what is interesting  for me to visit and if I come how can I meet people.
 1. Explain about  place.    2. about nice.   3. Why is good for place.  4. When is good time to come.  5. how can people from your country come and meet our people to make friends and exchange culture?  do we go to the pub? the temple? ....  or  

Promote our Widget

1. on your Tagged page add a "New Box" 
2. Title the box "auswathai Widget" 
    go to our home page and view our Orange coloured widget . check the links on the widget work to be sure it's correct, then press the "copy" button above the widget.  
3. Now drag the "New box" (click and hold on the title bar of the new box) to the top of your page. 
Now don't forget to enter our competition as a "widget Promoter" for a great prize.


Join our forum

AusWaThai Forum and share topics (show you forum ID name on your tag page).  You can place a link from your tagged page to your forum article.
to make a link:
1st open the window to the forum article, copy the URL and paste into a message box in Tagged.

Become a Reporter

If your articles in the Forum support our Mission statement, we will copy them to our media blog and show your name as the author (if you agree).

Stop Spammers

change your Tagged account settings to private
to do this
see top right hand corner, click on the link called "account" and then you will see the option for Privacy.
This will stop people sending you junk mail as they must 1st be a friend before they can make send mail to you