AusWaThai Widget promoters
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The competition:  AusWaThai Champion widget Promoter
The objective: Promote our website widget
Prize: 2 x free return ticket on TG Airlines to Thailand or West Australia
  • 1 x people from Thailand and 1 x West Australia will be rewarded with one (1) free return ticket each on TG airlines to the opposite Country location.
The top 10 Promoters will go into a draw and 2 people will receive a prize
To get a copy of the widget
1. visit our tagged location, look at the Orange widget and test to make sure it links to our websites (make sure it's not a scam). 
2. Select the "copy" button (located above the widget) . When you select copy you will be asked where to display the widget on your home page. 
Priority position of the widget
after the widget on your homepage ....  
create a new box, select "new box", make the title of the box "auswathai". 
Position the box at the top of your page, now find the widget and move it to this box.
 Other links
The widget is hosted at this URL:
The rules
1. you must already be a "Tagged" friend of AusWaThai, see the page called "friends"
2. Promote the Widget on a web location or elsewhere (without interferring or breaching any local laws)
3. Your promotion must support our Mission Statement
4. register your promotion - see below.
      note: for each location of our widget you need to register - so we can then add up all the entries
The location of the widget   points accredited
any WEB  location. 
a website, a forum, or blog, a social contact tagged (cut n paste the URL) to the entry form  
   5 points
any OTHER location.
like a brochure in your shop or place of work, and in the suggestion box tell us what you display and who will see it.  If we think it is good promotion we will give points

   2 points

 if you are the introducer of the widget Manager - you also get points
   2 points

Manager of the location  - the url or name of the person that controls the widget

other questions in the submission form
Tagged URL
    if this is same as the Location, the Manager or The introducer you can insert that title otherwise cut n paste your tagged url.
Ideas - suggestions   -    any feedback is appreciated
email address  - this is optional
Register location of your widget to win!
for each location of the widget there must be a different URL (web address). 
Register each URL in seperate registration.. then we can add them all up.