AusWaThai Ambassador
Ambassadors Objectives
  • Represent the culture and goodwill of their Country
  • Offer friendship and support to visitors from Reciprical Countries
  • Support and Promote AusWaThai Mission statement
The competition:We ask all AusWaThai friends to vote for the best Ambassador for Thailand and W.A.
Prize: 2 x free return ticket on TG Airlines to Thailand or West Australia
  • 1 x person  from Thailand and 1 x West Australia will be rewarded with one (1) free return ticket each on TG airlines to the opposite Country location. 
14/06/2009    draft rules pending confirmation from our Panel
16/07/2009  - we have discussed with TAT and now emailed them details of our proposal seeking their support
The rules
1. you must already be a "Tagged" friend of AusWaThai, see the page called "friends"
2. Promote the Objectives (without interferring or breaching any local laws)