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This site was created by volunteers in Thailand and West Australia; we struggle for time, we make mistakes, but we care!

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Tagg  - lots of Pics, Music and, includes focus groups Thailand
Facebook  - similar to tagg (more personalised)
Hospitality clubincludes focus group Aus and Thai
Expats Clubincludes focus group Aus and Thai
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Trip it - simply brilliant see the Travel page to see the summary 
other - also view Hospitality and expats club 
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We promote quality E Networks Linking Aussie and Thai. Everyone is welcome.
We are not a dating service


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Linkedin High quality loads of options
Thai in W.A. - Local Biz Directory in Perth W.A.
Networks Thailand - What we have discover
Aussie in Thailand - Venues we discover
Business Card Database - people we meet

 If this page does not give you direction your welcome to contact us at www.auswathai.com or post a question in our forum or search your specific question in Google (it does work).

If you don't know how to contact us email help@austhai.bizinclude your question and a contact number.

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